33s THANKS HP!!!!!!!!!


I received my HP 33s today and after months of using my $10 TI calculator after the passing of my 32s, I feel like an engineer again!

Firstly, I want to thank HP for bringing back a RPN calculator (and one that fits in my shirt pocket!).

My observations are:

1. Keys are really nice and have that HP click feel. Easier than the 48, crisper than the 32s.

2. I thought the loss of the large ENTER key would be a problem, it is not.

3. The center direction key at the top is kind of cheap in it's feel/look

4. Two line display is OK, not a requirement for me.

5. I'd prefer a case that slides over the calculator vs the vinyl bag.

6. Decimal point is a little small side.

Overall - I really like this calculator!

Thanks again HP!!!!!!!!



I have to agree with you on just about every item. I used it today during my calculus test (I had my 32sii by my side, just in case I couldn't deal with it, but I didn't even have to take it out of its case)

Here's my list

1) The extra memory: Although I will never use all 32kb, I will never use all 32kb (yes, I meant to repeat that). I don't have to worry about having 5 equations in my calculator (although I now have the habit of deleting any equations I might have stored)

2) The extra speed: especially evident in the equation solver, integration, and large math (powers, logs, etc). By my calculations, it is 2.42 times faster (in programming mode)

3) The keyboard (the tactile feel): The keyboard is better than my 32sii.

4) The 2 line LCD screen: Someone once mentioned that RPN with both the X and Y is much nicer; they are correct

5)RPN (this one probably should be 1st)- need I say more?

6) The similarity of the buttons to the 32sii (especially that of the variables) All of the lower letters are in the same place, which is very helpful when typing equations in terms of x (I also find myself using RCL 2 (for x) on my 49g+)

What I don't like:

1) The loose case: It is very loose, and doesn't quite fit. I think they should have made it tight enough to where it only fits in 1 way (like the 32).

2) The decimal: I can see where the decimals are, but they look just like the commas. I think part of the problem is the reflection produced by the top of the screen.

3) The remapping of the keyboard: This isn't much of an issue for most and won't be an issue for long, but it is right now. I can and do use my 32sii blind (not looking at the keyboard at all): not just for doing 4 function math, but for using any function, including using menus and typing in equation, so I am not used to many of the buttons being in different places.

Differnces that I am indifferent to:
1) The location of the enter key: This is an issue right now, just as it was when I first used the 49g+, but I am already getting used to it. I know if I am using the 32sii, the 49g+ or the 33s, so I accomidate accordingly. Today I mistyped a few calculations by pressing the plus key instead of the enter key, but I was about 75% acurate (the location of the 33s's plus key is that of the 49g+'s enter key). I will get used to it soon enough. It hardly slows down calculations.

Overall it is a very good calculator, and seems to be high quality. You will tend to hear all the bad features more than the good features, but compared to what is currently available (the TI-32xIIs or something of the sort), it has no competition whatsoever. It definitely competes with the 32sii, and in some cases (perhaps most) wins. A good, modern HP calculator.

As far as the appearance, it looks much better in real life than in pictures. The brushed aluminum does make it look elegant, although one person has already commented that it looks like the chevron logo; perhaps HP and chevron have a deal. I guess I am glad HP didn't make a deal with, say, Coca-Cola (imagine a calculator with buttons in the shape of their logo!)



>>The loose case: It is very loose, and doesn't quite fit

That's interesting. My case holds the calculator tightly between the case sidewalls. In fact, it is difficult to put the 33s in and take it out because of the rubber padding left and right on the calculator body. But perhaps it gets more loose with use ? Or do they have different case versions ?

Then on the other hand, I can almost squeeze in a hand beneath the calculator, between body and case. So in that dimension it is loose.

>> The brushed aluminum does make it look elegant

I agree. I am sure glad they didn't paint it blue (49G) or golden (49G+) or any other color !


I'm curious, is it aluminum or plastic?

In any event, I'm looking forward to seeing mine on Thursday.

>> The brushed aluminum does make it look elegant

>I agree. I am sure glad they didn't paint it blue (49G) or >golden (49G+) or any other color !


They have put together an excellent calculator!

It is easy to use the R/S key as an Enter key if you want the location different. Just Program:

Lbl N
Gto N

You can leave out the ENTER function to save a program line, it has an insignificant impact on behavior.

Press XEQ N puts calc in mode to use R/S as enter if it is in an unknown state...



Isn't the 33s somewhat bigger than the 32s? I loved the 42s I once had just because of its small size, but then (I thought) it wasn't powerful enough, so I sold it in order to buy a 48GX. Too bad... the 42s would be quite handy now.
Last year I bought a brand new 32s (still in its blister package!), a nice calculator, but it lacks matrices and a better complex mode.
Anyway, though HP may never release a dream calc 43s, it is still good to know the 33s will be there when I need it.

Thanks for your review.

G. W. Barbosa


I'm glad to hear the good comments about 33S. I've been constantly looking at this forum. When the 33S picture was first released, over 90% of the comments about 33S was negative (not elegant, stupid-looking, more like a mobile phone than a cal., etc). Apparently most HP fans are accustomed to the look of 32s or 42s, and also the large ENTER key. Personally I like the new style (though I also like the 32s). I already own a 32s, but I'm still looking forward to getting a new 33s. I have several comments about 33s:
(1) As an RPN fan, I am glad HP continues its RPN line. At the same time, I like 33s' dual mode: RPN and algebraic. Reason: my wife don't know how to use RPN!! Unlike in the US, very few people here knows RPN.


(2) I'm somehow disappointed with 32sII' complex number calculation. 42s is much better. I looked at 33s' manual, and it seems that there is no improvement.


it seems nice and i will get it once it is available

btw, i am a hk citizen too


Don't rush to get 33s! As HP is constantly looking at this forum, it'll improve the product from time to time.

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