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I have read through the "Battery Packs & Chargers" section but did not see the newer NIMH batteries addressed. When building a pack can I use the higher mAh NIMH batteries? If so, can the charger for NiCads be used to charge the NiMH batteries?


Yes, you can use NiMGH cells just fine as long as the recharger is a slow charger. I have been doing it for years. My HP67 runs up to 12 hours on a charge. Just rememeber to multiply the charge time by the increased cell capacity percentage to get a full charge. You do not have to worry about fully charging or discharging NiMH cells like you do with Nicads.


I have the same problem, the replacement available are NiHM, either in "N size" or 1/2 "N size".

I don't think they are the same, the trickle charge may cause problems if you overcharge them, I would like to be on the safe side when I will recharge them into a 41CX.

I was hoping someone already faced the problem, but a previous post went unanswered.


I was hoping to apply any information learned here to also build a 12 volt battery pack for my surveying instrument. It too has a NiCad charger. I have already purchased off Ebay 10 "C" size NiMH rechargeables to replace the Nicads. When they arrive I'll try it and if it works I'll let you know.



I hope that the low charge current will make no difference between NiCd and NiMH, just wanted someone already jumped on the wagon to tell...


Oddly enough AA MiNH cells are the most efficent power vs volume and price wise. You can get 2000maH in a AA package (don't beleive those 2300maH claims). Sub-C cells commonly go to around 3200 maH. Most of the "C" and "D" NiMH cells are big packages with small, low capacity cells inside of them.

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