What the heck is this?




Looks like a trade show gimmie gadget.


I guess the high-end model of a new series of 4 bangers.

This one is the entry level:


Greetings from TI-Land,


I bought one of these at a second hand store recently for fifty cents, just out of curiosity. Mine has the logo of a casino on it. It actually seems rather well made, although I don't have much use for the euro converter, calendar and worldwide clocks. It's also heavy and the keys are small. I think the unit is made by Mitaki, if that means anything to anyone.

There have been other examples of HP using cheapie off-brand calculators for promotional purposing. It's embarrassing. It really is. Does the left hand know what the eight hand is doing? or once did?



Does the left hand know what the eight hand is doing? or once did?

How many hands do you have? :-)

Back on topic: I agree, it's embarrassing!



Make that "Does the left hand know what the RIGHT hand is doing."

Proof read?? Me? Why?

Thanks, Massimo!



it evidently was a typo (it's easy to put the finger between the E and the R on these keyboards) but it turned out as a funny sentence ;-)




I got another HP promotional, 4-banger calculator
a year ago. It's quite well made, indeed, but the point
is it's a real pity HP couldn't see the opportunity to offer a real tribute to its glorious past, i.e.: a simple, 4-banger *RPN* calculator !!

That would be a keeper for sure, and would make a very nice promotional present to any person even remotely interested in HP or their products, if only for the novelty, whimsical factor of RPN instead of algebraic, not to mention its desirability among hard RPN fans.

It could even be useful to completely demolish the usual horror tale about RPN being awkward to use. After all, how hard simple arithmetic can be made to look, even in an RPN machine ? If said promotional calc would have a 4-line display showing the whole stack, it would be the ultimate sales gimmick, most educational, most desirable promotional material of all time.

But don't hold your breath. Nowaday's HP will never do it, even if such gizmos where $0.99 apiece.

Best regards from V.

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