How to double the speed on your HP-42S


I found this somewhere, thought some of you might not know it (although I doubt it, lol): ===================================== 42S SPEED-UP - To put your HP42S in fast mode: 1. Press EXIT and LOG simultaneously, release the buttons and then press the <- key to enter the monitor. 2. Use +, -, ×, ÷ to move to the address 40300 (seen to the left on the display) 3. Press XEQ to enter F at that position (you can use - to assure yourself of having typed it right) -- $7 is the default speed 4. Move to the address 00000 5. Press . to return to user mode (if you return pressing EXIT the normal speed would be restored) 6. Even if it states "Machine Reset" the memory should be preserved and your HP is now running at double speed. 7. XEQ [desired program] (The HP will be in fast mode until you press the EXIT key (avoid) Note that the higher speed you indicate, more battery consumption. by Erik Ehrling =====================================


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Speed up a HP42S and some more Posted by Menno on 3 May 2000, 2:53 a.m. This is for the 42-users: To speed up (or slow down) a 42 temporarely do the next: Press [on] and [log] and then [<-] Go to adress 40300:7 change the 7 in a F (dubble speed) Change the 7 in a 0 for half speed. To leave this mode goto 00000:00 type [.] You are now in operating mode. Switching the 42 off resets it to normal speed or whatever for change you've made will be reset to standard setting (very fool-proof). If you're planning not to use your 42 for a while you can put it in a deep-sleep-mode press [on] and [+] and [XEQ]. This will save batteries. If you want to be annoying type the next program on somebody else his 42: LBL"KILL" SF11 OFF GTO"KILL" END. To get out of this loop press quickly [R/S] or [ON] and [Vx]. Flag 11 can also be used for "autoexec"-ing a normal program like "smily" (can be found in the 42 manual) Menno

Responses HP42S tricks, Andrés C. Rodríguez - 3 May 2000, 12:01 p.m. Re: HP42S tricks, Menno - 4 May 2000, 2:40 a.m. Re: Speed up a HP42S and some more, Thibaut - 4 May 2000, 10:26 p.m.

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