HP 33S affects HP 32SII prices


Check this out:

Maybe the 32SII would be more in demand with the release of the 33S?



The buyer has a rating of 1-- i.e. this is a newbie eBay buyer. This kind of buyer is usually very eager to buy an item, build his/her rating, and usually pays a high premeium because of (my guess) a lack of knwoledge of the eBay prices. My guess is that HP32SII prices have remained where they are. HP33s prices on eBay are higher than retail prices because of their scarcity.



the buyer is also evedently from California State University, Long Beach. Maybe a rich and overeager student, or maybe a professor of engineering or math. That makes me glad I 'only' paid $66 for a 48G+. The trouble with ebay is there is little sense of community to establish 'fair market value'. I would think a large customer base and a large seller base would create enough statistcs to create average values. Because the historical data is not available to new customers, though, there is nothing to base future purchases upon.
Then again my friend just sold a poster on ebay, i'm talking about a piece of paper, for $70.




ebay prices does have it's fluctuations. An observers (I don't do that but I get the impression a few members of this website do) can track auctions that ended and keep tab of the average and std deviation of prices.

I do get the impression sometimes that prices of specific models change in a way like the stock market. By that I mean that they may fluctuate in a range for a few/many months and then exhibit a price breakout where the new price revolves around a new mean price value.

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