Replacing batteries in 32sii


We are fortunate enough to have (3)- 32sii calcs in the office. My boss' batteries went out and he replaced them, all of the lcd's are now lit up (blackened, or charged I guess) he said it does this everytime he replaces the batteries for about (4) days. Please help, he took my calc.


What means 'everytime he replaces the batteries'? I've extensively used the 32SII for more then 10 years w/o changing the batteries. Is that some kind of sports running in your office?;) Anyway, try to press and hold C, then press LN. Please report if that works.



As a matter of fact it did, I managed to figure that out from the manual right before I read your post. Thank you for your time. He is happy, I have mine back. We are supposed to get (3) 33s in today via UPS. We are excited.


Interesting what you say about your battery life Thomas. I have had a 27s for 16 years, and even when I don't use it much, I have to replace batteries every one or two years.


Try taking a paper clip or a suitable substitute to shunt across the battery contacts then try replacing the batteries.

Hope this helps!


I have had a 27s for 16 years

You lucky duck!




You will get more battery life from silver-oxide batteries (SR44) than from alkalines (LR44).

Both types are valid for your calculator and are identical in shape. Silver-Oxide are a little more expensive and should last longer.

Battery duration also may depend on the particular battery brand and production batch; and it also varies if the batteries have been stored for a long time. While "shelf life" is very long, the cells discharge very slowly, even in the sealed original package, depending on environmental conditions at the storage place.

And. of course, battery life depends on usage pattern. A couple of years is not bad if you use the calculator regularly, as it seems to be the case.

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