More HP33s from WAL-Mart


Seems WAL-Mart has another batch of HP33s to sell. I get the feeling they have a special deal with HP and they are cleaing up in the pre-launch sales.

Has anyone received their HP33s in the US from a source other than WAL-Mart?



That's a big 10-4, HP released 500 units to WALMART to be released only to a select group of customers ordering by way of a Engineering web site/Licen. group Thanks HP for sticking it to your normal distribution route. No I didn't get one. But I have nearly 100 units ordered.



You are selling hp33s calculators or ordering them for a firm/educational org??


Damn - I couldn't resist ordering, since my residence will be in flux by the time other outlets have the 33-S. (shame on my weakness - Borg*Mart has won)

Anyhow, I wonder if the HP badge will fall off within a year, as was customary for the 15-C? :)



Dammit - yesterday Borg*Mart said this calc would arrive between 3/3 and 3/11. Today it says both "shipped" with a tracking number and below that and "should arrive on/by 4/16/2004". What the hell? The tracking number is not valid yet, so I'm not sure what's up.



Update: my tracking number does indeed appear to be valid for 3/3 delivery as promised in my order. Guess I just snuck in before they ran out.

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