Sticky right shift key on 48G


Can anyone help me please?
I recently aquired a 48G about 8 months ago. No probs until about a two weeks ago when I noticed some shift functions not performing. I later look carefully and discovered that my right shift key sometimes registers on the display and sometimes not. At times I have to press fairly firmly and it can either register the "shift" or it may not. On other times I press it like any other time, and it registers the "shift" perfectly and performs the function required. Is this common amongst 48G's and do I have to anything to correct this?? I've never come across this problem with a HP having owned a 15C,(which was faultless to say the least)and currently working very hard, a 28C and a vintage 33E at work.
Thanking in advance :)



Check this thread, it applies to the 48G as well:



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