To Karl Schneider, about 15c solver


Near a year ago, I wrote:

In this MoHPC, you can read the next in the 32S page:

<<The HP-32S featured to the first RPN solver. The HP-34C had introduced the first built-in root-finder which could solve for f(x) = 0 expressed as an RPN program. To use the root finder the user wrote a function that accepted x, and left f(x) in the X register. The RPN Solver on the HP-32S allowed the user to enter a program which accepted multiple variables and computed f(a, b, c, ...) = 0. After entering a single program, the user could solve for any variable.>>

So, solve for ANY variable, is "the new" of the 32S/32SII/42S solver when comparing to the 34/15C solver.

I don't know if this is well known for the 15C users, but take a look at this post of Karl Schneider

Then you, Karl, promised an ARTICLE about this, do you remember? ;-)

Raul (a grateful user of "your" 15c solver)

Edited: 25 Feb 2004, 12:16 p.m.


Hello, Raul --

Thanks for the words of gratitude, but my memory is pretty good, and I recall stating that the technique wasn't weighty enough to merit its own MoHPC Article. However, I have planned to write a general article on the use of SOLVE/INTEG on RPN calc's, once I understand the Romberg Method better. The article will cover the 34C, 15C, 41C/Advantage, 42S, 32S, 32Sii, and 33S.

A short section on MISO (multiple input, single output) functions using the first three models will be included.


-- Karl S.


Unfortunately your memory is very good ;-)

Raul (waiting for that solve/integ article)

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