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Hi all. I did a WRTA from my HP-41CX and all my programs went to my HP-9114B drive. I reset my HP-41 and get back my backup into calculator from 9114, but ... I lost all my X-memory files. The files on my x-mem are not copy on the drive with wRTA command - Is it not suppose to be a write ALL??? I there a way to transfer X-files from 41 to 9114 drive directly with a kind of really Write ALL of indirectly like a write all X-mem, or a program that can do that?



Dear Michel,
If it's an ASCII file, you can use GETAS/SAVEAS functions.
If it's a program, you can use GETP/WRTP and READP/SAVEP.
If it's a DATA file, you can use GETRX/WRTRX and READRX/SAVERX.
In any case please refer to HP-IL and X-Functions user's manuals.
Another solution is to find a module such Paname (READM/WRTM). ;o)
Regards from Normandy.


Dear Michel,

also the EXT-IL module (from SkwidInk) handels transfer of complete X-Memory to mass storage...

Regards - Christoph Klug


The problem is that when the function was first written, no X-Memory was still implemented on the system, thus "ALL" was a relative term. As Emmanuel and Christoph have pointed out, you'll need other ROM's functions or use the long & winding way...

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