HP33S Arrival!


Just wanted to share my joy at the UPS delivery today of my HP33S from Walmart.com! I have not opened the package yet-I think I'll wait for a bit to prolong the anticipation! It sure looks pretty snazzy for a cowcatcher. (I'm in to model trains too). I could probably get used to the modernage look if it functions well. It's kinda funny that cars are getting a boxier look with time, while calculators may soon sport fins! Ha Ha!



Well, I waited until after supper to show my wife the "new arrival". Actually, I displayed it in its package next to my 32SII and explained to her (a lawyer who cares a micro amount about calcs)that the 33S is its long awaited replace ment. Her response was literally, " why on this one (32SII) is the ENTER key so large and centrally placed, while on this one (33S) it is down here at the bottom?" I took another gulp of wine and, admiring her keen sense of observation, said something like "yeah, that is a bone of contention in the HP enthusdiast community". After attempting to discuss RPN vs. Algebraic notation and watching her eyes glaze (either from the wine or from my explanation), I gave up the discussion. But, as usual, she gets in the last word by saying that she thinks the Enter should be at the bottom but larger! What can I add to that?!


My HP17BII+ and HP49G+ could of had it. Oh well. I'm addicted to the RPN notation (only after a year and a half of using HP calcs) and I am looking forward to add the 33S to my collection.


If only WALMART knew there were selling "collectibles" they would have jacked up prices right away!


I have been checking walmart.com for a few days, and the 33S has shown out-of-stock. I just checked and it was available, so I ordered one. Expected delivery March 1-8, 2004.


It seems that to order item from Walmart outside US is kind of troublesome, if not impossible. I envy those of you who can order HP 33S right away!


Get a new wife?
Get a larger wife?
Get a new wife with a larger bottom?



Some 'in house' humour:

RPN is like men, easy to understand once you know how it works, does one thing at a time, gives all the intermediate results. (Men are also hung up on the size of their enter key!)

Algebraic is more like women, you have to input the whole thing first before it starts calculating, several calculations get done at the same time with no intermediate results, and sometimes the final output seems to have no relation to the input at all. (Most women also place more importance on the position of the enter key rather than how big it is!)

I'll stop now in case I upset too many people 8^)


... well, maybe not to those whom you've offended. But this is a WORTHY bit of comedy! Thanks.

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