EMU41 on Linux?


I was just fooling around with a new linux install on my laptop, and decided to test the DOSBOX emulator. After configuring, I slipped in a PCMCIA card with the EMU41 program, and it seemed to work just fine. Just wondering if anyone else has tested other (dosemu) DOS emulators with EMU41 or ELI41, with success or noteable failure? Is it feasible to port EMU41 to run natively on linux?



Nice to hear that Emu41 runs on Linux...

Emu41 is a quite 'clean' DOS program, it relies mainly on DOS and BIOS calls and little on PC hardware, so it should run on most of DOS emulators.

I used it on my various machines, from my 286-8MHz with DR-DOS (do you remember this MS-DOS compatible OS from Digital Research?) to my 2.3GHz Celeron with Win2000.


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