49g+ auto power off


Came home the other night and noticed that my calculator (49g+) was on. Although I rarely forget to shut it off, I doubt it started by itself. It obviously did not shut itself down, so either the auto shut-off failed, or there isn't one, or it wasn't set. Not only that, but I couldn't shut the calculator off: in fact, it would not respond to any keystrokes. Had to pull the batteries to shut it off. Shades of the 32s (though I did not have to short the battery terminals). NB: did not have to remove the 'backup' batteries. All seems well now. Anyone else seen this?


I have had the mysterious turn on and lock-up on my 49G+ as well. It has only happened once, so far. Perhaps the upgrade to v1.23 will cure it but I have not upgraded from 1.22 yet.


Hello Art,

Thanks for the response. I just got the calc, and haven't upgraded the software. Did you have to pull the batteries to unlock it?



As I recall, I did pull the batteries. I do remember that prior to that I had to replace the batteries earlier than I expected. The "auto on" might have done them in prior to my discovering the problem. But I had upgraded to 1.22 by then, so I was surprised that the battery drain problem appeared to still be there.



Can I have the first three digits of your calculators' serial nos.? Mine is CN402xxxx.

Maybe HP is doing something to improve latter logs of HP49G+.


Sure. CN333XXXXX. The little problem has not recurred, the keys are nice and firm, and seem to be reliable, there *is* an audible click, but it certainly isn't loud.



I've tried twice but the "auto power off" function still works perfectly.


My S/N is CN334xxxxx
(in case you were asking me)

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