HP 19BII Miracle


I bought as soon as it was commercialised a 19BII.

I liked this calculator very much for its impressive financial abilities (I'm a financial manager),its complete math functions (though financial controller, I used to do post graduate courses) and of course the reappearance of RPN !

I changed its batteries 2 years ago, and it tuned off definitely to my big disappointment. Even owning many HP's (far mre than I needed), I regretted my 19BII so much that I just bought a brand new one.

I recently read an article in this forum proposing to short circuit the contacts, what I did. After having reinserted the batteries, it began to produce weird noises and strange characters on the display. I had to turn it on and off a dozen time, before it just turned on perfectly...

Now I'm with 2 19BII's, one for home and one for the business !

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