Loud sound from buttons on 49G+?


I´m thinking about buying the 49G+, but I have read about problems with a really high sound when you have pressed downs keys. This supposedly makes it a bad choice for exams since you don´t want to disturb others. Is this problem still on the new HP 49+ hardware version with supposedly fixed keys?

Is it possible to turn off the "key pressed"- sound through software?

Also it would be very nice to know if the problems with some keys not responding properly (generating zero or double entries for what was intended as one tap), has been totally resolved in the new hardware version.


The loud sound from the keys is entirely mechanical and is a consequence of the design/construction of the key switch.

And it's very loud, especially (on my unit) on the lower keys.


so say the comp.sys.hp48 folks.


I had one of the very early units and the keys were very loud, hollow sounding, and failed to register key presses very often. Just last week I got a replacement unit from HP and they work great now. The keys are quieter, feel a lot more solid, and register every keystroke. The units with the new keyboard start with serial numbers CN352xxxx.

Hope this helps.



Apparently all you guys in these forum don't get the point.
HP stopped manufacturing top quality calculator 10 years ago.

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Apparently you have a life and read the HP forums for fun, right? Please...

If you don't like HP's, go play with your TI's and stfu, kthx.


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