Re: Need help ! How to print with the int. Printer HP 9845B ?


The BASIC "PRINT" command writes to the currently selected "printer", which may be the screen, the internal printer, or an external printer.

To switch to the internal printer, execute


To return to "printing" on the screen, execute



I am afraid I do not know the answer, but I saw somewhere that you can get 9845B manual in CD(s). If you still have not found an answer and interested in buying CD(s), please e-mail me back, and I will try to find how you can possibly buy the manual in CD(s). I am also interested in using HP 9845B. Could you tell me how you came to own one, whether there is some place I can buy, rent, or lease one, whether you can buy printer paper. I am living in Los Angeles, California. Looking forward receiving your e-mail response.Thank you in advance.

John Yuh

July 16, 2000, 8:40 PM,PST

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