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Does anybody have any kind of documentation for 82973 IL/PC card revision A. The available documentation I have is for revision C and some things do not apply. What intrigues me the most is the dip switch setting for the address. One that I use and gives default 1700h address used by TRANS41 is: 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 1 for switches 1 to 8 and according to the markings on the switches. The revision C document says that one should ignore the markings on the switch and use 1 if the switch is in position towards the ISA edge connection. I just can't get how my settings can result in 700h, from either side, where leading 1 is assumed for address.

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Revision A (manual dated March 1984) (and the way the card is marked) uses the dip switches as address lines A8-A15, Revision C (manual dated May 1987) uses the dip switches as address lines A3-A10.

On Revision A boards the 8 least significant address bits (A0-A7) are always zero on Revision C boards the 3 least significant address (A0-A2) bits are always zero as are bits A11-A15.

The Revision A default dip switch settings (1700h) are:
00010111. So the full default address is: |00010111|00000000 = 1700h (note the | marking the start/end of the dip switch). On Revision C boards the default dip switch settings (700h) are: 11100000. So the full address is: 00000|11100000|000 = 0700h.

The confusing point with Revision C boards is that the dip switch does not delineate hex digits as it does with Revision A.

I hope that helps.



Well, that makes more sense now.

Thanks Katie.


The HP-IL/PC interface card I make available for HP41 enthusiasts is compatible to version C. For more details refer to the HP-Museum articles forum item 311 HP41-PC gateway & emulator...

Regards from Germany - Christoph

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