Problem with 49G+ update


Well, I downloaded the updater, ran the program, and copied the two files to an SD card.

But when I try to update the calc, it tells me:


But the card's there-- I can see files on it from the standard calc screens. It passes the calc's "card test". And the files are on the card (which I can verify with the Filer).

The only out of the ordinary thing is that when I ran the installer on my PC, it said there was a problem executing "conn4.exe". But the files appear to be OK.

Any ideas?


One problem I ran into on my first 49G+ update was that the SD card was not formatted correctly. It _must_ use the FAT16 format.



It is the second one on the list.

The document contains a section about formatting the card.

MUST be done in a DOS window using the command in the doc.

Cheers...and thanks again for all the TI scanning!


Thanks for the suggestions, but no joy. Oddly my 49 is missing the option to format the card from the system menu. Still, I formatted it under DOS as described in the document Gene mentioned, copied the file to it, and the results were the same.

Again, the 49 can "see" the card just fine. I can see the two files (and even look inside the "Update.scp" file (which contains the name of the actual update file).

It's a mystery...



Did you check if the card is locked? There is a small lock latch. Make sure it is NOT set to lock mode.



No, it's not locked...but why should that matter?

Actually, could someone e-mail me their copies of the update files HP49G123.BIN and UPDATE.SCP?


But Gene, with the version of DOS that came with my MS Windows 98SE
system, FORMAT complains about invalid switches for the /FS:FAT and
/A:8192. Perhaps these are for the Windows NT series or new with XP?

MS Windows 98SE formats my card just fine.

Also, I'm guessing that the /A:8192 is supposed to set the cluster size.
That may be a good size with larger cards, but with my 128MB card, I use
a cluster size of 2048. A larger cluster size would give me fewer
clusters, and since I expect most of the files that I store on the card
won't use even a full 2KB cluster, it would reduce the number of files
that I could store on it.


Edited: 21 Feb 2004, 2:13 a.m.


Well, I think the /A:8192 is optional, so that can be dropped. (The doc says it's optional, doesn't it?)

I tested using WinXP. Silly would think that DOS has been DOS for quite some time. :-)


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