HP 42s still worth it ?


I am just starting out with HP, after being fed up with Casio and TI. I tried RPN on an old HP from my friend and got hooked. I have done some research and it looks the HP42s is still the best one out there.

BUT - when looking at eBay prices, I could just as well buy one 33s for daily use plus a 49G+ for more complex things for the same money (and still have change left). Also, if the 42s would ever break, I'd have to spend a fourtune again.

So, does the 42s really have many more functions compared to the 33s that make it worthwhile ?


Most of us should easily be able to afford the current model (HP-33s) and use it while keeping an eye out for the classic of our dreams. Even once you have a 42s, you'll probably not be taking it with you everywhere, anyway.


Yes the 42s is still worth it given the quality of the new machines. I feel your best bet is at yard sales or flea markets but I agree with Paul you probably won't want to take the 42S everywhere so look for a nice 32SII as well to take in the field.

Just my $.02


The 42S is arguably the pinnacle of small (non-graphing) keystroke programmable RPN machines. Despite some IO limitations, it's power is immense.... far more than most people need for regular computations. It's truly an amazing machine. The 32S or 32sii is a nice alternative, but not that much cheaper on eBay (Still around $150, and $200-250 for the 42S. I'd definitely save and get the 42S as a programmable for serious or hobby use (or collection :)). I agree with Paul, that it's good, even if not perfect, that there's a new keystroke programmable RPN on the market for routine use: the 33S. And for routine simpler use, don't forget about some of the earlier models described here in the museum. (Try to find a good HP-25. Or 34C... or.....)

Be careful: many of us here are "bitten", and not being able to decide which one to use have collected as many as possible... some have all or nearly all of the classics.... so, be warned. <grin>



I'd get the 42S for matrices alone, plus it has better complex number support.

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