When I heard Wal-Mart was shipping the 33s calculators, I placed an order of my own. I placed the order Feb 14th. I initially was told I would get the calculator on the 15th. Then I was given a message that my shipment would be delayed. Now I have a tracking number and expect shipment today. The shipment is coming from El Cerritos, Ca according to the UPS tracking information. And the cost was about fifty US dollars.


Any word on when Samson cables might start shipping the 33s?


You're better off buying from Walmart. It's cheaper (I think SAmson wanted $60+, and as far as we all are concerned, only Walmart has been receiving them.

I ordered mine on the 13th, and it's due to deliver today (I had to go for the priority mail option, as I'm taking the Testmasters course now, and I didn't want to delay it any further).

good luck



I just saw my first HP-33s in the flesh. One of the young civil engineers in our office just got his this afternoon(via the internet from Wal*Mart). He bought it for the professional engr exam in April since his HP-49G is banned.

My impressions after handling it for about 90 seconds:

-- Solidly built and the weight feels right…not too heavy, not too light

-- Fits the hand OK…about like my HP-42S, but not as comfortable as my HP-55 or HP-41CX

-- Good, snappy key action…much better than a typical TI, but not as good as most "real" HPs of the past

-- Very readable two-line display

-- Still STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPID looking (that's 33 Os in honor of the new machine)

-- Why are the ENTER and R/S keys where the other one goes?

I didn't get to see the manual, but it's aparently about an inch and a half thick…or about 40 mm to those of you who use a real system of units.



I don't do Wal*Mart. I can wait. Who'll be the next place to get them?


My guess is that this is the priority list of HP calculator sellers -- no real surprises:



Looking over the list that Katie posted --

FWIW, in the greater Portland area in the last two years, I've never seen a HP scientific calc sold at Staples, Office Max, or Office Depot. Fry's, however, is where I bought the 32Sii and 49G in 2002, and now they offer all the new ones except the 33S.

If you live in a major metropolitan area in TX, AZ, or the Pacific time zone, Fry's is your best bet.


Fry's is the best bet for both new and used HPs. At Fry's I picked up my 17BII+ last week and 20S (used w/o manual) this week.


I'm going to stick with my Samson Cables order. Chris maintains a nice web site and provides good customer service, I'll spend a few extra dollars for that. I believe part of hp's problem arose from the fact that it undercut the dedicated retailers that had served for many years when it started marketing with the Walmarts of the world, and we, the consumer, added to the problem. The good dealer network--ElekTek, Educalc, etc--used to be a crucial part of the feedback loop to hp.

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