HP42s - Print via Infrared to PC


I would like to send some programs from my HP42s to my PC.
I do receive infrared data with my PC and Hyperterminal, but do not know the right settings, if they exist (Baud,Stoppbits,etc).

Has anyone done this before?Or is the only possibility to use a HP48?


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The IR format of the HP-42S (and other HP calcs that have IR) is called "RedEye", proprietary from HP and is not directly compatible with the PC's IR receptor. You'll need an "intelligent" conversor that reads the RedEye format and send the data back to PC on ordinary RS-232 serial or another way (USB?).

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i though that the format could be a problem, but if I read with a much higher sample rate than the 42s is sending (115000 instead of 2400 or somewhat), maybe it would be possible to read out directly with a special software?



If you could read the 32768Hz modulated IR from the calculator fast enough, maybe you can. There is a very good article about the IR "RedEye" printer encoding.

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The simplest solution is to use INPRT on a HP48, another solution would be to buy a special hardware receiver that accepts the IR Printer protocol. The first option is probably also the cheapest...

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Erik Ehrling (Sweden)



Thank's folks, it seems to be the only usable solution. But i excanged my 48GX(and som extra) against the 42s (im quite more happy with the 42s, its not a monster like the 48GX) - so it may be the easyest way for me to write them down. It's not so worse, because the programs aren't sooo big, currently. Only small Progs for GCD, LCM and "fraction shortening" so far. I want to add one which does some DEC to FRAC conversion too, but haven't found the time yet(and have to figure out how to programm it first).

..will try to get a 33s soon, as spare during my exam. I hope although the 33s has many limitations, it will be very, very succesfull - because it would (maybe) show HP that it could be worth to build a 42s successor. 43s with the same size as the 42s, no "fashion" but useful colors, a high-res, high-kontrast 2 or 3-line display with seperatly powered backlite, serial I/O to save /load the programs and a pioneer-like keyboard... hm, maybe i should take a break - my wishes may go a bit to far from reality ;-)

BTW: i have had many situations where backlite could have been usefull, but this may also depend on the reflectivity of the display.



A couple of years ago there were many discussions about this issue. You may look in the HP Museum Archives for postings from Steve (Australia), describing in a fascinating manner the way to connect a phototransistor to the input of a PC sound board, and the software needed to decode the sampled pulses from the HP42.

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