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Well I have been waiting for the 33s since my 32s crapped out and rudely learned that they were no longer available. I have been using a TI30Xa in it's place and while it gets the job done, it is not an RPN hp. When I graduated college, I traded my 48G to a young fellow who really showed a lot of promise, but had no $$$. The trade was pretty much even for his 32s. I wanted a RPN calculator that would fit into my shirt pocket.

I am now getting ready to order one of these new 33s calcaluators and am mulling some thoughts.

In as much as HP (and others) seem to find a way to discontinue great products, like the 32s and I am sure the 33s someday, should I buy about 10 or more of the 33s calculators to A. last me until I retire and B. to finance my retirement via ebay! If in about 20 years (I'm revealing my age) when I retire, how much more on ebay will an unopened 33s bring vs the prices we are seeing for a 32s today.

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I would wait a year or two on the purchase of the spare 33's to make sure they get the bugs out. Kinda like the 48SX and 48GX. To maybe answer your question on the value of the 33s 20 years from now, I recently paid $400 for a 41CX in the box from England and was glad to get it. The box was opened and batteries put in to insure it would power up then the batteries removed and shipped. Only time will tell if the 33s is as good as the 41, I don't think so but I ordered one anyway.



Don't think the 33s is engineered like a 15C, for example. However, it's relatively cheap so feel free to buy two. :)


I'd buy one and see if you like it first. Then if the HP33 warrants buying 10, do it.

I'll probably buy the HP33 when they arrive (I'm not pre-ordering). I like the programming aspect of the HP33 and probably want more memory than the classics 27S or 42S (not that I would mind owning either of them).

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