As the HP-11C gets so overpriced at e-bay, I decided to forget it and buy me instead a new HP-12C (not exactly the same, but similar) to experience again, at least partially, the great pleasure of working with so a well-designed computing tool. I've been solving some problems on financial mathematics (probability, linear programming, decision analysis, etc.), and my HP-48G (which I don't really like) doesn't help too much. When one has a pile of papers on the desk and needs to compute a table to find the expected execution times of a project's activities, the best one can get is a nice, small, and SIMPLE machine which can be easily and quickly programmed to perform the required computations (not too much, but very repetitive) with just a few keystrokes. The HP-12C (just like the good old and even better HP-11C) was designed exactly to do that. One does not need to go through an infinite series of menus to find the function or program one needs; one does not need to have such a large display with so many (mostly useless) information. What one needs to perform such tasks is something smaller, but actually smarter; at least from this point of view. One teacher once told me: "It's stupid to try to kill flies with a cannon". Absolutely. The HP-11C and 12C are the best fly-killers I've ever used.


Congratulations for your enthusiasm re the HP-12C, I certainly agree with you.

Just in case you haven't seen them before, you may enjoy reading these articles of mine dedicated to Voyager series calcs such as the 11C, 12C and 15C:







Best regards from V.

Edited: 18 Feb 2004, 6:58 a.m.


Bernardo and Valentin,

I agree. Just would like to add that the 17BII is a good option, if you can translate your calculations into a formula. Also my 17BII eats battery *much* faster than a 12C, but I like the backspace key better than CLx.


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