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I'm trying to install MathXpander on an HP Jornada 928. I downloaded the Xpander-Setupfile for PocketPC from and installed it as described. After that procedure an Xpander executable is available on the Jornada which can be started. Alas it produces the following error message the first time it is started: "RegSvrCE Loadlibrary ("MathKeypad.dll") failed. GetLastError returns e". Although the Xpander mainprogram is running an functional the Mathkeypad is not. Therefore I can't input formulaes. If anyone could help me please with this problem would be great. Any hint will be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.


The Xpander code for the Jornada was compiled for the Hitachi SH3 processor which was used in the HP Jornada 54x series. It will not work on the TI OMAP processor that the 928 uses. I'm not sure if the Strongarm version of the code would work. You could give it a try. The OMAP is based on the ARM core, I believe.


Thanks Colin for your response. The 928 contains 2 processors. The TI OMAP is reponsible for the phone functions. The second processor is an ARM and responsible for the pocketPC functions. The main module of Xpander is running - only the mathkeypad.dll isn't working. So the solution must be somewhere hidden in the Windows system and/or in the cryptic error message I get.


The cased is solved! I downloaded regsvr2.exe from After installing Math Xpander I ran regsvr2 and entered "mathkeypad.dll" as name and tapped "register". After a reset Math Xpander now works properly and the math keypad shows up when selected.

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