Lost Dog


Have you seen that "Lost Dog" poster: Three legs, missing one ear, castrated, tail cut off. Answers to the name "Lucky" ?

For the HP version of this go to http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3077385148&category=58039 ......Screen bleeding out, battery rot, missing a port cover..... If that is worth $90 then i have over $500 sitting in a cardboard box collecting dust right now.

I'll be the first to admit that i have ocasionally paid too much for things. If he was still alive today my dad would kick my butt for what i paid for a Corvus 500. Still; life just keeps getting funnier.


And funnier... from the same buyer.


An eBay sellers dream buyer. I wonder what he would pay for a 25C to go with that charger? Last time I paid that much for a charger, the 25 came with it. Well, okay, so it's not a 25C. Still looking...

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One of the interesting things about this buyer is that he or she has 81 bid retractions in the past 6 months.



how did you figure out the bid retractions?




Check the guy's feedback. It says so just under the tally box. I think if somebody reported him to Ebay he would be booted. He has been bidding on just about everything HP.



in case anyone actually needs a charger for a 25. maybe i should pick this stuff up and resell it so i can afford a 48g to do complex matrix math for my process control class... and talk about bidding on everything hp... whomever 'burlin' is should take it easy. dust off the cheetos and get outside.


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