Hello, could someone tell me what a cogo41 module is. Thanks in advance, Thib


Sounds like a surveying term. My guess is it's a survey software. Though I've never heard or seen such a module before


I think cogo stands for Coordinate geometry. I have used a program called cogo89 on a pc for surveying.


It stands for CoOrdinate GeOmetry and it's used in surveying. I have a COGO ROM but I forget who made it.


Generally speeking, COGO does stand for coordinate geometry. I'm not sure of cogo41, but if it is that type of module, it could possibly have been either an SMI or TDS module.


I bet it is one of the old Hayes data collector roms. Those where the first days of using the 41 as a data collector, probably about 1988 or so. They were a real brick! VERY ANTIQUATED by todays' standards of the 48gx and a rom/ram card setup. I believe Hayes went on to form SMI in TN. But you guys are right, cogo in this sense of the phrase is definitely coordinate geometry. Most likely it does many things the surveying rom does but enhanced in that you can assign and store point numbers to the coordinate pairs to do your comps by point number instead of entering the coordinates one at a time. Seems the 41 either required at least one X mem rom and/or the 4 pound battery pack/memory device.....what'd they call that thing?


dave; tds called thiers a "memory/interface pod" and it also provided serial interface. while it really only weighed 3.9 pounds, if you had enough of them you could build a dandy chimney. - db

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