HP 9114 and the HP 1650/1651 Logic Analyzers


I have been considering the purchase of an HP 1651D Logic
Analyzer (very similar to 1650A/D/G, 1651A models), which
is quite sophisticated, allowing programmable labeling of
channels, "reverse assembly" (aka disassembly), etc. Alas,
these devices have no internal storage or floppy, and rely
on the HP-IB and HP-IL interfaces to store setup info on a
remote floppy/computer.

My question is: Is the HP 9114A/B adequate for use as the
external storage device with these logic alalyzers? Is the
HP-41CX (my only HP-IL controller) adequate to save/restore
HP 1651D setup info with the HP 9114? Has anyone got
experience using the HP 1651D family with HP-IL? I presume
the vast majority of users would have connected to an HP-IB
drive, such as the HP 9122, but since I have no HP-IB HW,
I'm curious about the utility of the HP-IL option.

Thanks for any help or tips.



Sorry, mental butter-fingers there: All references to the
HP 1650/1651 should be 1630/1631.



There are two versions of firmware for the HP-1630/1631 family, which differ substantially in how they deal with HP-IL.

In one version, the logic analyzer is an HP-IL target device, so you could in theory use the HP-41 to control it or to transfer its configuration to or from media controlled by the HP-41.

In the other version, the logic analyzer is an HP-IL controller, and will load and restore configuration from an HP 82161A digital cassette drive or an HP 9114 disk drive. I think it may also be able to print to an HP-IL printer.

I don't have the logic analyzer manuals handy, so I can't offer any more details or tell you how to distinguish the two versions.


You can set it from the DIP switch in the back of the machine. Page 2-2 of the manual says:

The first five switches set the address of the analyzer for HP-IB operation. Switch 6 executes the analyzer self test when set to 1. The positions of switches 7 and 8 determine the analyzer configuration on the HP-IB/HP-IL interface busses as follows:

0 0 Inactive 1630 Controller
1 0 External Controller 1630 Controller
0 1 Inactive External Controller
1 1 Inactive 1630 Controller

However, this will not allow it to talk to the 9114A directly. The 1630 can talk to an 9121 HP-IB drive and
this drive's command set (Amigo) is different from that of the 9114A. However, Eric's suggestion is correct, you can use a controller like the 41C to xfer info from the 9114A to the 1630.



However, this will not allow it to talk to the 9114A directly.

Some firmware versions in the 1630/1631 can talk to HP-IL mass storage directly. For those versions, it is not possible to control the instrument over HP-IL.

Unfortunately I do not have detailed information on the firmware versions. I believe I originally saw the information is in the users or programmers manuals. Photocopies can be purchased from Agilent.

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