HP110, HP-41 EMU and HP-71B EMU


I was reading on the net that there are emulators for the HP-110 of the 41C and 71B. Does anyone have a copy of these emulators? Would the exisitng emulators for windows work on the HP-110?
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Jean-Francois Garnier made the said emulators for the HP-110+ .
Follow the 'Calculator simulations' link (http://www.hpmuseum.org/simulate/simulate.htm) in the hpmuseum.




I have a special version of Emu41 that runs on HP110 (the freeware version on my site will not run). Emu71 will not run on it.

On the contrary, Emu41 and Emu71 runs (slowly) on HP95/100/200LX, although I also have a special optimized Emu41 version for these machines.

I hope to make these versions available for all in the near future.



Mr. Garnier;
I hope you have time to indulge my curiosity about the Emu41. How much memory is left in the 110 with Emu41 loaded for data/prgm storage? If you emulated the cx; can one use 319 registers for programming (ok-minus the programs scratch registers) and have extended for data? Did you write it so the 110 will function as a (9 pound) controler for the IL just as a 41 will, using the 41/IL commands? thanks - d


There is no problem to emulate the 41CX + full 600 XMEM reg + HP-IL on the 110, even with only 256Kb RAM. Emu41 is a small program (~60Kb), HP-41CX + HP-IL ROM uses 64Kb of RAM (24Kwords+8Kwords) and main+extended memory takes about 6Kb. You can also load extra ROMs (I/O, IL-DEV, Ext-IL, CCD, ...) in the limit of your HP110 RAM (up to 512Kb), .

And of course, Emu41 on the HP110 manages the HP-IL interface, acting as a controller like the real HP-41...




Any chance on getting this EMU41 soon for the hp110?
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