Bought a new HP 42S for 66 US Dollars



After hearing so much good things about the 41's and their successor the 42S, I started to look for it. I have a 48GX and a 49G, but I wanted a more compact, pocket-sized calculator for number crunching at the office. First I look at Ebay but I get scared of the non-sense prices that some people seem to pay there. Then I went to a big department store: "El Corte Ingles", in fact the biggest chain of department stores here in Spain. I had noticed before that they don't sell a lot of calculators, so probably their stock could be outdated. And voila! a fresh new HP 42S was there with 50% discount almost hidden in the showcase, totally forgotten. I bought it and I am very happy with it. Seems just what I was looking for.

At the same day I went to a stationery store and I found a new, still in the box HP 41CX for 130 US Dollars. What do you think of the price?. I am starting to think about become a collector :)

Thanks in advance



I think the 41CX is a good deal. You may try to bargain a bit. Unless there are collectors around where the store is, I don't think any body would buy a 41CX nowaday


Good deal on the 42S for sure, also on the 41CX, bargain all you can on that old worthless forgotten outdated unit then buy it also!


Lucky bastard !


Even at USD 130, a CX is a wonderful handeld machine that is still very easy to use despite all its advanced functions.

Of course, if you can bargain it, do it, but at this price, if you don't want it, buy it for me !


Sorry... but I've got that one beat. I live near Clemson, SC. Last year, a local college book store was having a sidewalk sale to clear out some old stock. I picked up a new HP 42S for $25.00!


What a lucky find !

I purchased my brand new HP42 (second style) last month at an office furniture shop for $120. It was the last in stock (otherwise I'd have purchased them all !), lost among stupid stainless steel 4-bangers (yuck). To my surprise, the batteries were flat, so the shop manager gave me the appropriate set of new batteries. This makes for part of the high price paid.

Very likely, chasing in such shops can dig out some treasures !


Does remind me of the 16C I bought at Office Depot in 1993 for 30$ new in box. Last one of course.


As long as we are bragging, last year I picked up two nearly new HP-42Ss, with manuals still in the shrinkwrap, for $20 each. They were customer returns, but I suspect they were purchased by a couple of unethical students, used for finals, and returned.

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