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I've been trying to reach Jean-François Garnier to purchase the extended/registered version of emu41 for use with a recently purchased HPIL/PC card. I've tried sending messages to jfgarnier@wanadoo.fr but receive no reply. I don't know if my messages are being filtered out by anti-spam, vaporizing in cyberspace, or I have the wrong address. Can one of the good folks out there in MoHPC forum land help point me in the right direction??

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I am sure Jean-Francois will reply ... but he is just a very busy man :-)


Bill, the address seems right to me. He might be out of town or something, usually it takes about 1 week+ to get a reply from him.



Hi Wilson,

I sent you a reply a few days ago, may didn't you received it. I had to "clean" my PC after some recent problems. Everything should be fixed this week-end, and I will be able to deliver again Emu41/Emu71 in a safe manner.

Sorry for the inconvenience.




Thanks for help folks, it’s much appreciated. Guess I need to learn to be a little more patient. Yes… an old dog can learn new tricks!! ;-)

Best Regards,

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