HP 15C, curious


Hey Everyone,

I got one of them 19 years ago for $89. Today I see them on eBay for as much as $289. How come!? Collectors item? Also, where is the current 12C made, in USA or not? Thanks.



Yes, collectors, but also people who want them as an everyday working machine.

Many consider the HP-15C the epitome of the HP handheld calculator line. It is powerful, well-engineered and well-made, durable, and its batteries last forever. Of course, these same qualities are shared to various degrees by all the voyagers.



Hi John

Re the 12C, I think the current ones are now made in China, prior to that Malaysia. From what I hear, the quality of the Chinese ones is not as good as the original versions.




Because the 15C is the best scientific calculator ever made. Period. Yes, it is worth $200 for those of us who use them all day. I've used them for decades, and can't imagine using anything else.


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