HP-41 XROM nr. list


Hi all,

A "fairly" complete XROM# table is now available at:


You'll find the link on the left side.

It has been compiled by Wilson (Bill) Holes, and he has kindly alowed me to put it on-line. Thanks a lot Bill!!

Please fell free to point out any correction/addition to what is listed therein, so we can make a comprehensive document.

Hope this info will help.

Best wishes from the Canaries.


Edited: 10 Feb 2004, 6:51 p.m.


I got this list from Wilson too.. fantastic, but with some errors. I will post a updated version of this list with some additions on my new website I´m building at this time.



Matthias, please note that the table posted on Diegos' site is significantly different (content, format, accuracy, completeness, etc.) than the very preliminary list I sent you some time ago. I look forward to receiving your feedback but be careful not to use the much earlier list when doing so.


Great stuff. I didn't see errors on the posted document, which ones are you referring to?

Best, ÁM

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