HP Palmtop 200LX


I am looking for a version of the HP Calculator program installed on the HP Palmtop 200LX. In particular, the SOLVER module. This program is incredibly useful.

Does anyone know where to get this program for windows or of anything similar (beside the solver routines with Excel and Lotus 123)?



I agree that it is a beautiful program. It was provided on the ROM cards of the old Omnibook 300 and Omnibook 425. I do not know if there are any restrictions on its use, but it seems to be available for download at the following site:

Scroll down the list of programs to HPCALC.EXE and HPCALC.HLP. Those should be the files that you want.

Cheers, Tom


Thanks. Those files were designed for the HP Financial Calculator but the SOLVER portion is the same. This is a great help.


You are right, Gene. The Windows version of HPCALC found on the Omnibooks is lacking some of the applications in the 200LX DOS version -- the cash flow, date calculations, and statistics. Also the Omnibook Solver does not have the plotting functions found in the 200LX. That 200LX is a marvel! I had previously used only the Solver, Math, and TVM applications of HPCALC, so I had not noticed the differences between the 200LX and Omnibook versions. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Cheers, Tom


Try the CPACK100.Zip on the same site:

This is the Connection Pack that came with the HP100 and emulates (in DOS window) the HP-100. That Calc DOES have the Cash Flow Option.

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