HP9114A Disc Drive Problem


I finally have replaced the battery in my 9114A drive. When I turn the unit on, the drive is accessed and the fault light stays on for a short time while the unit self tests. When I try to access via the "INITIALIZE" command on the HP-71B, I get a "NO MEDIUM" error. I then tried to use my HP-41CX and used the "NEWM" command and again receive a "NO MEDM" error. I also tried the HP-110 Portable Plus but cannot get the mavchine to read the disc. Does anyone have any suggestions?


The drive uses only single sided diskettes. To use double sided ones, you must cover the holes near the top corners of the diskette with opaque tape.


Thanks for the reply David. I used to have the HP9114B drive and had saved the disc that I used for that unit. This is the one I tried to use for the 9114A. There must be some subtle differences between the two regarding the single sided disc's.


your right, all I needed was to place the tape over the hole. Emmanuel also told me this but I was struggling to understand why the 9114B did not require this. Any way, thanks much.


Yes that will work, but do be aware that newer floppies (Quad density)
have different magnetic characteristics from the Double Density used by the 9114A and 9114B drives.

For a quick copy its OK, not recommended for long term use.



I just checked some diskettes I wrote over 10 years ago... no problems found.

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