hp 41cy turbo


Does anyone know something about this machine ?
I haven't seen the calculator anywhere else on the net.
Is it a joke or does this machine really exist ?


You can have a look at this machine at my home in Switzerland.... It´s real, but rare. There are some thousands of them... It´s a modified CX, made by a german factory called W&W (CCD module is well-known). It has a turbo inside AND (and this is the real advantage) a RAMbox of 64k in which you can load up to 16 4k modules. You you do not accually need the real module, only a image you copy into the RAMbox. In the past this was a real advantage, cause you needn´t take along all modules with you all the time. Today it´s a very rare collector´s item (and many collector´s wanted to buy mine).
There are another possibilities to get the same features: Basically you need a speeduped CX. Either you find a external RAMbox (W&W or ERAMCO, both rare items too), or you use a ZEPROM/Clonix41 module. This gives the same advantages, but not in one single case... That´s why it´s so collectable...



Remember that Zeprom contains 16KByte (4 x 4KByte pages) and the new Clonix contains 24KByte (6 x 4KByte).

The HP41CY make some more pages available, as Matthias told 16 x 4KByte = 64KByte

From Eramco exist a 128KByte Ram-Box = 32 x 4KByte.

Now we hope to get the MLDL2000 unit form Meindert which muche more power, and housen inside a card reader case.

Actual the Clonix from Diego is really nice , have a fair price and is housed inside a small module shell....

Regards from Germany - Christoph


As Mr.Matias said RamBOX is good alternative solution.
there is one available at ebay from WAW, 32k. 7 days still left. it's a very rare collectors's item:





Yes, you will see, the price will go very high. Cheaper and easier for users are Clonix from our friend Diego Diax. So if you just want to use some rarer modules, buy 1-2 Clonix and let the RAMbox for collectors and nostalgic persons. You will save a lot of money....



Save money by not bidding???

Maybe, but what about the thrill of the chase??? :-))


PS. What about a sweepstakes on its final price? I'd break the floor with a $800 final tag...


I bet it will go over 1,000. At least that is what I will bid on it ... just kidding. I am saving my money for Meindert's MLDL2000.


But WHEN will MLDL2000 be available, 2010 ? And how many of them will be manufactured per year, really enough for all interested guys ? And what will be the real price ?
MLDL2000 is such a wonderful project but there are many unanswered questions !
Regards, Jon



Feel free to ask questions at any time if there is anything unanswered. 2010 is rather pessimistic. I have started the project 2 years ago, and I am combining development of the MLDL2000 with a real (quite busy) job, a family, a garden and some sports to keep my body in shape.

I am now working on the final prototype and fixing a few issues with interfacing to 3.3V, battery power and I/O, and I have already started on the final schematics and layout for the beta units. The MLDL2000 is getting quite real now and I would advise all who might be interested to save money for a cardreader housing instead and not go bidding on those exotic modules.

Pricing will probably be less than 200 Euro's, but if you want to make your own, all schematics and sources will be available.

There will be one initial production run, quantity will be based on feedback that I get from you all. There will not be a regular production as that will make it too expensive.

Again, if there are unanswered questions: you have probably not asked the question at all. I have been e-mailing with many HP41 friends and supplied a lot of information.




MLDL 2000 will become a reality, no doubt about it, and sooner than that! It will not however, I suspect, be a mass-produced commercial product, thus *some* kind of active engagement shall be required by the buyers to get their units made.

At the very least getting the parts/boards from Meindert and doing the soldering onto Card-Reader housings, which of course will make the item more "personalized" !

Can't wait for it...



Wow, this boxed RAMBOX was sold for only $360. What´s wrong with it? Is mine worthless?


Yes, I think prices for exotic HP41 equipment have dramatically fallen (that is good for real HP-41 fans and bad for collectors ...). For example PPC ROMs had prices of up to $450, now you can get them for much lower prices.
(BTW, a problem is the ratio US$/EURO, US bidders cannot compete any more with european bidders!)

New projects like MLDL200, CLONIX-41 and the new MLDL-project of Diego Diaz may be the reason that the prices and thus market worth of exotic Ramboxes from WAW and Eramco (maybe also Hepax modules) have halved !

Especially the fast development of Diego Diaz projects may be responsible for the ebay price decrease of eramco/WAW Ramboxes. I have doubts that MLDL2000 will show up in the near future, this project evolves only very slowly. But Diego's projects evolve very fast and he is now working on a new MLDL project (NoVRAM module, http://www.hpmuseum.org/cgi-sys/cgiwrap/hpmuseum/archv014.cgi?read=49666) that he certainly will complete end of this year already (or beginning of 2005). So there is no need for any other MLDL or Ramboxes, so ebay prices decrease.


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There is "41CY" at Ebay ... ;-)
The seller tells us that it is RARE !



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Lol! Can't argue with that - I've certainly never seen another 41 that shape!!

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