HP calculator keys


Does anyone know what the last HP calculator was to use the good keys (like the keys on the 41C series)? Was it maybe the 48SX?



No, all the 18/28/48 series used the same technology plastic keyboard as the Pioneer machines before them.

The 41's and Voyagers where the last to use metal domes.


The 41's and Voyagers where the last to use metal domes.

Speaking of which, do current production HP-12C calculators still use the metal snap-discs? Or have those gone plastic as well? And what about the 12C Platinum?


Current (Chinese) 12C's are unchanged with metal discs. I can't comment on the Platnuim version.


Is this true? My 28's keys have a high quality tactile response, my 48sx as well, and my 48g feels completely different, somehow cheaper. Am I wrong?


The HP engineers did a good job with plastic, didn't they?

While the 18/28 keyboards where different than the 48's, the snap domes were still plastic. It could be argued they are of a higher quality than the Pioneers and 48's but IMO, it is a moot point, given the history of keyboard failures and battery doors.


I read about these issues and am still amazed that my 28 never hat a KB problem, nor the three other ones my friends bought at the same time. Maybe just a lucky batch of 28s. The battery door, however, requires utmost attention.

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