Overhead for HP48


I would like to know before buying if someone ha expierences with the HP overhead.


Do you mean "overhead" as in a projector, or "overhead" as in all the crap that goes on while you wait for your answer.

If you are referring to the latter, I am completely unimpressed with my '48GX. It seems to take a long time to do some simple operations, especially as the stack grows longer and longer. I agree with several other denizens of this place that the '48GX is hardly worth the effort to use. (While others, of course, sing its praise.)



maybe it would slightly solve the slowness problem if you sometimes cleared the stack;-)




I agree with Dave. I own a 48G and I'm not overly impressed with it's slowness. But we all come to a comprimize, thats why this forum is so good. You get honest answers about each persons favorite. I only bought the 48G because I was worried of taking my 28C clamshell "on site". Hate having to fold it back to make it handheld. OK for desktop.
Had a 15C once and that was a work of art, but it comes down to what you want and what you want to achieve with it.
Best of luck, and at least you're going down the right path with an RPN unit.


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