Follow-up concerning problematic seller


I would like to post a follow-up concerning a problem I had with an ebay seller, see Matthias' thread concerning the same seller.

The seller (destinyh143, now called **noreserve**) first refused to ship an HP-38C I payed $56 plus $25 shipping after he made a mistake shipping it to Canada instead of Switzerland, saying he was not ready to pay again for shipping. After posting in the this forum, he promised to ship the calculator, 4 months after I payed!

The good news is that I received the calculator ! the bad news is that I realized that shipping to Switzerland did cost him only $13 and he charged me $25 !! And he was not ready to pay "again" for shipping, knowing that shipping to Canada did cost him $7, which left $18 for shipping to Switzerland !!



As he Should!!!

Here is a very lucrative market for him and he is pi$$ing all over it! He has blantently stated that he buys his products cheaply (all well and good for him, and even us, as he then sells on ebay). But to keep getting the Great prices he is commanding, he should be delivering a great product or do all that he can to keep his demanding customers happy. If you deal in Cavier, you get $$$!!! as long as you don't start peddling Cow paddy soup!

Being penny wise, but perhaps pound foolish.

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