If you think HP calculators are overpriced on eBay ...


Check out this 1975 Popular Electronics ...




Cool! I have those issues... (Also all Bytes back to the first, and Microsoft first product, 4K/8K Basic on paper tape...)



Hi Bill,

Any chance of you emailing a scan of the cover and MITS Altair article? I would love to read it.



I would if I could. I don't have a scanner set up at the moment.




I remember buying some of those issues - fondly remember running down to Mayfair market in San Mateo with my allowance change to get Pop. Electronics, Radio-Electronics and Electronics Illustrated.

I remember getting the Aug? Sep? 1974 issue right before the family trip to Oregon - it had Don Lancaster's "Scopewriter", kinda a TV typewriter adapted for an oscilloscope. Very cool.

In 1975 I was in 5th grade but already fascinated by
calculators, computers electronics and ham radio. I drooled over the HP calc displays at Macy's and, even then, knew why RPN was better.

Bill Wiese
San Jose CA


Hi Bill,

are you a HAM today?

I am: N3LPX




Hi Bill...

Yep! Licensed since '77.

Getting back into HF, gotta figure out a stealth antenna for my new townhouse. Esp interested in getting a DSP realization (*no* PC involved!!) of PSK31 and MFSK16 working



Hi bill,

can you e-mail me your email address? It would be fun to set up a 10meter sched!


bill http://plattdesign.net


Yes, VE3IED, although I haven't had time to be on-the-air for quite awhile I'm afraid... maybe later this year..



Hi Bill


Bill Platt N3LPX


Or Bob ;-)


How about "Dave"

73 de W8MIF / ZF2AZ (ex K3NXO)


How about Jim?

73 de MM0JBS


or John.



...or even Monte



or Randy? 73 de WA3SWN

Edited: 7 Feb 2004, 5:06 p.m.


But not Les, any more. . .

73 de ex-GM4CFM

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