HP-33S -> 42S


I just really noticed, and realize that the new HP-33S has a two line display. The picture's i've seen where with the calculator in alg mode.
Could this mean that when it is in RPN mode, you will have, like on the 42S the X and Y shown in the display.

Could this new HP calculator be a blend of the HP-32SII and the HP-42S ? If that is so, then a lot of people must be very, very happy.

any comment?


Whether the HP-33S will display two stack levels simultaneously is controversial. I think such a feature is mentioned at one place in the released version of the manual, but you have to actively search for it. What's more, the finally released calculator could still be different (like the HP-49G+ whose already documented equation library was obviously pulled the last second beore it was released).

Features wise, the 33S will be a 32SII with a lot more memory for programs and equations, but still only 26 variables and 26 labels, and lacking many of the 42S' advanced features like full support for complex numbers or any matrix functions, etc. So, definitely not a 42S replacement.

We'll just have to keep hoping that one day there might be a new 42S...

Regards, Victor


..and the clean keyboard is so nice on the 42S. Like on the 1st generation off the 32S.

I believe HP will first sell as many 33s the can (when they finally will ship..) and watch the market before they relase further new calculators.
I was told that there are preorders for about 2000 pieces of hp 33s in Switzerland, so if this is true, I believe hp should really bring it without bugs (maybe one of the delay reasons), because if 2000 users do get dissapointed in switzerland, how many would it be in the hole wide world ?!?

If you don't have to watch out for this NCEES ban or something similar, you'll be free to use a bigger one (48/49) with many more functions, even if you don't need them. But still there is the big advantage on the 42s of it's perfect size (my opinion) compared to the usability. If you don't need graphic (who doesn't use PC/MAC for graphic solutions theese days?), the two-line display is really great, agreeing fully with what Victor Koechli wrote. Additionally, I believe the resolution of the 42s display is 16*131 pixels, wheras the 33s does only seem to have 14*90 pixels what makes displaying of complex numbers less easy.

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