Why it's so hard...


...in finding a "for sale" HP-33C made in USA?

I'm looking for one at least 6 months in the Classified Ads section, inserting new ones from time to time and no any response so far...

Any suggestion?

(Sorry for posting this here)


Maybe the 33C's were never made in the U.S. ?

All my 33E's (2 units) were made in the U.S. , but all my 33C's (3 units) were made in Singapore.

Ok, this statistical sample is based on a very small data pool, maybe some other collector knows more...



I guess there is no made in USA 33C. I have a US made 48SX but and bought the 48GX quite early but it's made in Singapore. I think there is no 48G/X made in USA either.


There are two HP33c for sale on ebay: one with a day and half to go, going for $51.00us,

And a second one with 2 days to go for $20us on ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3074371068&category=58039

That one appears to be untested probably not working. Whenever a seller says he doesn't have batteries for them, it usually means he tried it and it didn't work. So he is selling it "untested".
Hope this information is helpful,

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