Scanning progress


As far as I can tell (although I haven't prowled all the way through the latest 25 pound box of documents), all the HP programs and docs have been scanned. The rest of the stuff is TI-59.

In the HP corner, there are:

9 documents and
279 programs (43 HP-41, 202 67/97, and 34 miscellaneous)

I feel sure there is a LOT more information out there, especially old HP newsletter like Calcu-Letter and PPC Journal. If you have any of these, please consider sending them to me for scanning.

Files are available via anonymous FTP at:

My outbound bandwidth is only 144K. Be gentle.


Thanks again, David! This is a tremendous resource for all.

I also appreciate the efforts at getting the TI material online. If TI had not been around, I don't believe we would have had such wonderful HP's!

Thanks again...and note to everyone else...if you have User Library programs lying around, SCAN THEM!



Gene posted:

"Thanks again...and note to everyone else...if you have User Library programs lying around, SCAN THEM! :-)"

Details, please ? I mean: resolution per DIN A4 page (width, height in pixels and/or dpi), grayscale or colour, sharpness settings, whatever ... in order to produce a perfect scan at the first try and achieve consistency with already existing scans.

Best regards from V.



There's no need to worry about "consistency" with existing scans. They're all saved as PDF documents and Acrobat Reader will display them at the same size regardless of resolution.

All my scans are in monochrome. Most are at 300dpi. Some documents have tiny letters or program listings and these are scanned at 600dpi. I could probably have gotten away with 150dpi in many cases but I figured this is the last time anyone will ever worry about preserving this old stuff so I might as well do it right.

If you do scan, please make sure your software will compress the images in the PDF files. I'm using an HP 4670 scanner; HP's software will compress images in PDFs on a Windows machine, but not on a Mac (I use both types of computers and the scanner comes with software from both). The difference this makes in document size is dramatic: 1 US letter size scanned page at 300dpi, uncompressed, is over a megabyte. Compressed it's about 20K.

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