HP 35 1st. Edition torturing me


Hi all,

At the begining of this year, I auctioned in eBay a HP 35 first edition. I sold the item for around $516. Since then, I am having nightmares that I undersold the item. Someone told me that item cost around $800. Is this true?

I was very happy with the money because I am an ignorant with HP's and vintage calculators. But the guy's words is following me all the time.

However, after the many HP's I have sold, I will definitely buy a new HP laptop. It is like my obligation. Before that, I was thinking in Dell 8500. But after the HP satisfactions, I have a HP in my mind all the time. I am wondering, what HP laptop is the best?? I want a desktop replacement.

Thanks in advance


Hi Raze. I´m the buyer of your so called red dot. To be honest: I bought my first one 2 years ago for $900, my second one for $850. This is my third one, that become really cheap(er) for me, that´s true. But I know a guy living cloth to me how payed arround $350 last year. So you can see, at this time there is less interest for these old and rare items. Could be, that in 2 years the price will grow up again, but possibly it will loose again, so don´t worry. I bought many items for too high prices 3 years ago, and now I want to sell them and I do not get my money back.
Be happy with your $520 and go on holiday with them or buy a second hand PC. I don´t think, that this is bad money.



They sell for from $200 to $900 (a lot depends upon condition and who is looking for one at the time) with $500 being the typical price.


To your notebook question. Compaq or Hp systems are very well made and have a quality feel to them! I have two and can talk from experience.

Just ordered the new HP series Zv5000 with the 15.4" display. Oh my gosh is it wonderful. You owe it to yourself to check out on before you order. This series isn't light as it is a desktop replacement like you say. I ordered mine with 54g so it costs more, but I am absolutely thrilled with the unit. By the way you can get the USB floppy 3.5" drive at the same time and it's free with rebates so do order it!

I also have used the Compaq x1000 series and the quality feel to this unit is ALSO PRESENT- less weight though so more $. Bad placement ofpower cord on right side of teh unit but teh battery lasts 3+ HOURS!

In any case no tax outside CA and TN and usually no shipping when you buy from Hp Shopping.Com if you want to check them out. By the way I've had lots of Toshiba's in the past but I like the feel of the new HP's. They are nOW the best selling worldwide too in notebooks. Good luck!

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