Got a new HP toy today


Finally decided to go wireless for my computers. I bought an HP zx5040 15.4" Wide Screen Laptop. Very cool!

The built-in wireless feature in awesome. I can roam around my house (i.e. couch potato) without being tethered to my cable.


"...without being tethered to my cable"

What if you get lost?


Why you chose this one, why not a HP ZD7000? it has a 17" screen.


But the 5040 has a much brighter display. I checked two different HP 17" models in two different stores. I also checked other brand 17" displays. They were all dim, even on AC with brightness turned all the way up. Never could get white to look white.

Also the 5040 is is better for portable use. Battery lasts much longer.

I conisdered this for over a week but just couldn't justify the dimmer display, just to have 17"



I noticed on your left-most picture that: even though you you have the newest most wizbang laptop - you still have an old HP handheld on your desk for "real" work. I have to wonder though; why a 75? Is your 41 broken? - d


I have HHs everywhere. Hard to take a photo that doesn't have an HP in it. :-)


Then you might as well put RPN on your new toy...
(email me the installed serial number for a complementary registration number)

Euclid :)

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