Does any one have or know how to write cogo programs for the 32SII?


Like inverse and side shots? Those are pretty easy and do not take up much memory.


I'm not an expert in english, so I want to ask, what is the 'cogo-program'? (Maybe I know what is that, just I never heard it...)

Thank you:


Tizedes; COordinate GeOmetry: programs for surveyors to work with Northings, Eastings, and Elevations (XYZ). Theres propably thousands for the 55,65,67,25,29/19,33/34,41,10,11,&15. Almost all would be based on the same algorythms that came with the 45 booklet.

David; There was a real good one written by Ted Kirber (D'Zign) for the 42 that used the solve function heavily and did EVERYTHING. They would provide the basics to start from to write your own but the emasculated programming model (and tiny memory) of the 32 will make it a bit of work. If nothing has been written for the 32 maybe you can find something specificaly for the 15 that uses it's solve and go from there.

I'm glad i could use my 41 when i passed the lsit in '86. I don't think a test to show that you can memorize formulae would be nearly as much fun to study for and take as one to prove that you can think. A test that shows one can do both would have killed me.

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