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You posted this sometime ago about 32E's and now the link to your great photo is gone:

I'm sorry I didn't save a copy. I was looking for the same information for a 34C - that is, does anybody know which jumpers on the power supply board control the radix selection - I currently have a European unit I would like to convert to a US decimal point standard.

Thanks in advance.


Hello, Randy;

nice reading your posts. I miss this sort of subject...

You're right about the image. I actualy placed it back there, so I think you'll be able to see it again simply oppening the page again or updating it. Anyway, I place it here, too.

Everytime I am mentioned about this I think I must credit the very person from who I was told about this: Katie Wasserman. She posted about this sometime ago, I just replicate her information.

The fact is that the site I used to keep my images had all its files purged (erased, cleaned, wipped out) for at least three times, so I gave up keeping them there. It seemed to me some sort of "cracker" was having fun destroying a defenseless "e-place". What sort of fun does it take destroying sand castels by kicking them?

Sorry "ranting" this way... Randy, I hope this helps you already.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)


Howdy guys,
that post from Luiz was a clever figure-it-out and very fine detective work.

Knowing that you can't trust Bill Gates any further than you can throw him, I printed that out on PAPER and stuck it in my file cabinet under "HP-34C" .

Not surprised that the files went south, knowing how things go in computer-land. Glad Luiz was able to square you away, Randy.

There are two electrolytic capacitors on the circuit board. Electrolytic caps are often seen to last a very long time, yet the electrolytics do dry out.... the best ought to be to replace them with dipped tantalum. The value aren't popular.... probably a special order from a distributor.


Just to send my regards to Captain Zener. And for you as well, Norm, of course...

"Analog" cheers (never sampled at its origns), Norm Hill.

Luiz (Brazil)




Yes, but it took a minute as the jumper was in place and it still had a comma radix.

Turned out to be an open trace on the flex connection, so I jumpered it on the logic board side and all is happy.

Many thanks my friend!

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