Surveying Programs for 41-cx


Back in 1990, I used the "Survey Pac" card that came from HP with a cerd reader program (6 cards) & I can't remember just how it worked. I have a son who is taking the Californisa LS exam in April. They are restricting some calculators (HP-48gx, which we use as data collectors)
Anyone out there that has some knowledge of step by step usage of the program?


I believe that the 41 series is also on the banned list. I have some key in survey programs for the HP 32sII which is allowed I believe.


I missed the fact about the 41cx being banned, Thanks.
I wrote some key-in programs for the 15c back in the early 80's, but that calculator is long past it's prime.
I would like to see what you have for the HP-32sII. Let me know how we could do that. (I'll send you mine, also)
If I get the new HP-33s (back ordered)in time to set it up for the exam, maybe either one of the programs we have would work for him.

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