HP-9114A Drive Problems


I have been trying to resurect an old 9114A drive. I seem to only be able to get the Fault light to stay on all the time and the Battery light to flicker slightly. Also, the light by the disc blinks occaisonally. Is there any suggestions to help repair the unit?


Have you tried new batteries?

The correct (and available) replacement type is PANASONIC LC-R062R4PG ,
the short name being LCR6V24 .

I remember that there were also discussions in the museum forum about faulty charging circuits. Please take a look into the forum archives about this topic.




My guess would also be the battery. Also be aware of problems with the eject button. The eject button could stick with the R/W head in the down position and then inserting a disk would damage the head. I believe there is a description on the Articles Forum.

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