Looking for Palm OS based HP-15 emulator


Anyone know if there is an HP-15 emulator for the PALM or Windows CE based PDAs?

The Power48 emulator for the 48SX/48GX/49G V1.0 is great but is there something out comparable for the HP-15?




No, but you can search at www.palmgear.com for "Calculator" and get 5 pages of results. Among them:

the Great HP41 palm calculator...this is fantastic, especially on hi-res screens.

The HP12c calculator

No 15c emulator, but the HP41cx emulator is really very good. YOu get to choose from lots of plug-in ROMs too. The free evaluation version includes the Advantage ROM, so you get many of the functions in the 15c for free. Well worth the $10 registration fee.


For Palm OS, look at MathUPro from www.creativecreek.com.

For WinCE, look at www.lygea.com

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