Flakey Keys


My 42S keys doesn't have any spring to it. It registers when pressed though. What could be the problem, and could this be fixed?



if there's no 'knack' sound and feel when pressing the key, it's likely to have a broken metal dome. This dome is part of the contact switch to register a key press.
No fast fix available. Maybe Paul (Brogger) has an idea. He knows how to open a Pioneer calc.



Would all the keys be broken at the same time? It just doesn't appear to be moving when depressed, but it registers.



If nothing has been spilled into the keyboard, you have a Pioneer owners worse nightmare.

The snap action of a key is created by a formed plastic dome in a mylar sheet. Chances are that dome has collapsed resulting in a flat key. Another possibility is a broken key hinge which results in an off center actuation of the key leading to a puncture of the key dome by the pin of keytop.

Either way spells bad news. If the key hinge is okay it can be repaired by opening the calculator, cutting the keyboard apart and installing a replacement harvested from another Pioneer unit as the keyboards are all interchangeable. Not an easy task. Been there, done that and report it is not an easy thing to do.

If the hinges are broken on a key, best to find a replacement and sell the remains for salvage value. The LCD and logic board are desirable elements as these calculators remain the gold standard of shirt pocket calculating power.

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